Head Coach Anna Rush

Anna Rush ’57

Education: SUNY Cortland, M.S. in Physical Education

Coaching Position: 1977-1980, Head Women’s Soccer Soccer Coach, SUNY Cortland.

Soccer Memory: “Being a novice soccer coach I worried on the first day we had to practice in the rain. How could I motivate them? Ha! They loved the challenge and fun of slipping and sliding and being muddy head to foot. I learned that they would do whatever was asked of them—they were not only talented, but motivated and dedicated to becoming the best.

They had waited three years as a club before being given varsity team status. We were fortunate to be at a college that was at the forefront on meeting Title IX. We had the support of students, faculty and administration.

Our first year we knew we needed more competition — 132 goals scored…only 2 allowed. It was a wonderful day when Brown University stopped by to have a pick-up game with us on their way to Cornell. We surprised Brown with the level of play and our schedule improved with tougher teams wanting to play us. It meant some losses as well as wins but the players worked harder, pulled together more and endured. It was a good feeling — they wanted this tough competition.

Another fond memory was being able to get the invitation to the regional competition in 1980 — seeded dead last (we had lost three games early in the season with our tougher schedule, but we were previous co-champions)…then sweeping the tournament!

The next morning walking into the Women’s Athletic office with the regional AIAW trophy, knowing that our budget was used up and asking to go on to Nationals in Colorado. Question: Could we drive vans and make it out there? It was the next week. Answer: YES!

I also fondly remember the wonderful telegram that awaited our tired arrival in Colorado from the Alumni office, “Win, lose or draw we are behind you 100%” It gave us a wonderful feeling of support. Final day. Final game. Field covered with snow. Watching them sweep the lines on the field my thought was. ‘No different from mud. They will handle it fine.’ And they did.

Twenty-five very talented, committed team members got us to Nationals. We were only allowed to take 18 members to the tournament — it was a wrenching decision on who they would be. What a wonderful sight to see them all in front of the PER building with a brass band cheering our return and THEIR victory. It was an honor to coach these young ladies. They had my admiration both on and off the field. They were true champions.”


Position Head Coach
Season Fall 1980